About this blog:)

Hi, you’ve just landed on my page where you’ll find out more about what I am doing, thinking even on my deep thoughts (perhaps) and don’t worry, perhaps all my future posts will be more interesting to read.

Oh Ya! Actually, my intentions to open up this blog, the first reason is to improve my English writing and even my reading and speaking, and the second reason is to tell you a story that “The Stories will keep the world revolving” without we realised it.

However, there is some regulations that I create for this blog for you, guys.
1. No copy, paste and plagiarism with all the words at here. (if you want and wish to copy my words, please credited me on your post).
2. Please take a look for the positive word that I wrote and don’t follow the negative side that I wrote on this blog.

This all for now, I’ll sum up again in the future if its needed.

Yeah, happy visiting this page!


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  • The Skills of Being Human

    July 3, 2019 by

    As I remember, there were one slot at the camp that they talk about the skill of being human. So, here I want to share what kind of Knowledge I got from there.

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